1. Receipt

When receiving the steering system, we draw up a diagnosis. To do this we use a standard questionnaire.

2. Disassembly, first assessment of the problem

The steering system is disassembled and each part cleaned. The visibly damaged parts (such as damaged rubber o rings, deformed parts, etc.) will be substituted with new ones in a later phase.

If external casing is cracked or split, we cannot repair it, it has to be changed.

3. Control and repair of steering system parts

If any part of the steering system is damaged (such as distorted rack, cracked external casing) we cannot repair.

The rubber o rings are always changed with new ones. Used rubber o rings should not be reused.

All parts used for steering system repairs are original or of equivalent quality. Orders are taken only from ISO 9002 audited suppliers.

4. Steering system test

In case of traditional steering mechanisms the ease of steering and the backlash are controlled manually.

Power steering systems, on the other hand, undergo a pressure test both ways for around 15-20 minutes each direction, under working conditions.

5. Handing over

Steering systems are handed over to our Clients in a tested status. We offer one and a half year guarantee for steering systems repaired by the Szervokormany.hu under the usual guarantee conditions.